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Welcome to the Service Center.

Products & Services.




Get your custom outdoor! See your ads all over the city! USA, even the world!

To order your Outdoor today, send us an email with the Corp Header (Name), budget, quantity, season, creative participation (?) & locations.


Main Stream Advertising:

Tell us the Budget?

Less then $5000
$51000- 1Million & Beyond.

Advertise top seasonal items, products, promo’s, or services with us today! We create a seasonal package specific to your business needs! Get unique marketing, photo shoots etc. and a unique campaign just for you! Enjoy personal and individualized distribution! Make the most of your campaign today!

(Some product may take priority over others and sent to wait list) Use this special exclusive service and connect with consumers like you haven’t ever before! Give your clients the ultimate guest experience as they view your unique campaign, shop your links, catch up on your newest updates and latest top news!

Become a Priority 1! Find out how:


Priority 1: Must have 2 or More of the Following:

A. Deadline Approaching, Monthly Service in place, Platinum/ Gold Article Client.

B. Have a hot Article or Product, with a Understandable Description for Consumers.

C. Has Initiated all Fees Associated with Article.

D. Top clients with potential business partnership opportunities.

E. Top Exposure Clients

F. Professional Use

G. Interview

H. Has Paid for a Full Year of Service.

I. Paid to be Top News! On time line and Indie Article.

J. Package exceeds $ 50,000.00


Priority 2: Must Have 2 or More of the Following:

A. Article release date 1.5-2 weeks out! Most editing is done! Should be working with staff on editing and displaying options.

B. Gold/ Silver Package with limited word and photo.

C. Has settled all fees and donations.

D. Professional Use

E. Made a purchase of 1 or more services!

F. Has up to 3 Months of Advertising in place!

G. Paid for top 5 ranking in compilation post!

H. Package exceeds $9,000.00


Priority 3: Has 2 or  More of the Following:

A. Standard Service.

B. Balance Remaining.

C. No Future Service yet set!

D. No purchase of a independent article! Article will be included with a compilation post and placed according to rank and if company has paid priority advertising processing.




Curls Brand: CEO Interview

Lovelezz Bam: Los Angeles Couture Clothing Brand

Paul Fredrick: Men’s Fashion line: Major Clothing Brand

Order Now: Click Link


 Advertising Includes the Following:

Product: Blurb Package.

According to top new sources such as Product Pitching is the new wave to the future! Want your business or product pitched with our unique flair? Use our services to post a blurb about your business in 50 words or less & pay per photo! The first three photos with blurb are:

  • 50.0 &
  • 5.0 per photo after.

Number of words can also be increased but fees may apply.

Main Stream Services.

Style: Design: Trend Forecast!

The Fashion Forbes Inc. often used by those who want to be informed on the happening! We’re a network filled with top stylists, celebrities, boutiques, business executives, and fashion professionals!

Media Services:

Media coverage for events, new collections, private shows etc. Have a new collection? Or a new business that you want to solidify & give a brand image? The happening is here! Work with StyleMeCEO to get your work/business/or brand advertised by, The Fashion Forbes main stream media, & may be seen by the global platform audience of right people. Everything one needs to establish their own personal back office business structure, a back office media start up kit.

  • Media Event Coverage- $500.00-$1000.00 per night.
  • Logo Design- $100.00 & Up
  • Brand Image Services Consultations $200 per hour.
  • Third Party Content Marketing- Select Budget Below.


The Fashion Forbes interviews: Corporal Brands,  New Brands, Entrepreneurs, Fashion Designers, Fashion Stylist, Models, Photographers, Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist, etc. & people with interesting positions within fashion. Our goal is to give the entire fashion industry a face! Share cool articles with Social Media! Use article as a tool to get the word out about your happening, product, business, service etc.

Have your Professional Bio Just a Link Away!

This is perfect for entrepreneurs or Freelance business persons! Have a visual display of your work just an email or text away! Correlate your company with your executive portfolio profile today!

Includes: Your choice of visual gallery, small professional self bio, any links to outside web information, pay in full for three years and have it achieved for life! Giving you great access to your article, providing a click able link suitable and compatible for as any mobile text and online email provider. The highlights, personal links, and credible show show case worthy info, packaged and ready for immediate share!


Inquire about Private “Page”.

Center Space: Space Center.

View Sample Page:

Access by Click! Start Building your Portfolio Page this Instance! A space rate media playground.

Per Month:

Pay by month or for a full year! Services vary! Upgrade to a per month Executive today! Get Mentions, Advertising, News, & Promotions!
Order Now:

Please Note: Put your item, and name in subject! You will then be sent a link to complete transaction with 24 hours.

Inquiry Idea Purchase:

Buy or financially endorse a project seen here! Idea you’ve seen featured in one of our elevator articles? Inquire here with associated link!


Full Scroll:

Full Spread. Private Page/ Live Main Stream Page Advertisement.

Purchase a full spread with us! Suitable for businesses, entrepreneur’s, freelance artist, who want to have an independent public business profile/portfolio to showcase all their work.

This Package starts at $250.00 down and with a minimum twenty (20) photo’s required! Updates to this package are $10 per photo bundle of 25. Add thousands of photos to your Continuous Spread and show off your indie style!


View Sample Page:

Access by Click! Start Building your Portfolio Page this Instance! Upload your photo map now!





Due to our Media Guidelines! This item demand is scares! We can allow “limited quantity” first priority per year! Everyone else is wait listed until further notice.

send-a-gram: $15- $25

Based upon amount of information being processed and quantity being sent!
Emails Us:
“send a gram!: ”


Compose an impressive personalized gram for someone close to you? Special Thank you, birthday, or want to leave a lasting impression for an employer showing your work after an interview? Or your own personalized email professional photo attachment.

We can even forward a special personalized gram with our professional email letter-head. The Virtual Greeting & Business Impression.




send- a- look.

Fashion has no price, only a look and an attitude! Want to be featured on in our trend reports send us your hottest street styles and see if you make it!

Product Marketing. Brand Ambassador Administration.
To send in a product, style, sample etc. Forward an email for shipping details.


StyleMeCEO would like to hear from you! Leave a Comment or Email at:




Be Next to Interview? Find out about Events, Fashions, Lifestyles, Charity,  & More About Us! StyleMeCEO, The Fashion Forbes, Inc.



Inquiry About Becoming One of Our Signed Artists! Send in Your Package.

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