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We’re the fashion source and lifestyle publication! A tool to inspire, provide trend information, and to be a fashion lovers haven for all things related to fashion as an industry. Usable for fashion buyers, entrepreneurs, students, and fashion lovers around the globe! Your fashion grail is here!



Founder & Sole.

CEO & Lead Editor: Akika Parker.

Chief Executive Officer.


Bio: Mrs. Parker. CEO Profile.
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“Well behaved women rarely make history” -Marilyn Monroe.

Hello, I am Akika! Sole Founder, Lead Editor & Chief; her Highness, & some even call me Assassin! By way of the Fashion. They say she is always “Dressed to Kill.” But not literally! I am Alumni to my graduating schools with a specialty Bachelor in Fashion Marketing, Merchandising & Corporate Finance!

My aesthetic is classic, urban, casual, elegant chic! I love things that sparkle, most everything that is glitzy & glamorous! My favorite color is Gold. Some things I love are music, singing, almost EVERYTHING! About fashion and being fly! Don’t ever underestimate the underdog! Rise above in all things!

F.Y.I. All major communications must go through the Fashion Forbes, Inc. C.E.O, Mrs.Parker. ( Listed Above). Indefinite Sole Heir.


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